Meet Alix

Santa Fe Shamanic Practitioner
Alixandra Wildeheart

At Wild Shaman, it is my personal mission to help you recapture the “real magic and deep mystery” that most of us have lost sight of, in your daily lives.  Due to the ever-increasing pace of our already crazy, busy lives, many of us have unwittingly sacrificed our sense of connection to the Sacred and the Divine. Unfortunately, most of our wonder filled wild inner nature has become completely domesticated!  It will be my honor to guide you along the path of reclaiming the power of your inner wild wisdom.  Through my practice of cross-cultural Shamanism, or as I like to call it, “Hybrid Shamanism”, I will offer you ancient tools and wisdom needed to help heal your soul, as you learn to reconnect to your life’s greater purpose. 

Nature-based philosophic teachings and ceremony are the cornerstones of Wild Shaman practices. By restoring your spiritual balance within the natural world, you can actually transform the ecology of your inner landscape. My nature-based life coaching method implements ceremony, ritual, blessings, spiritual clearings, forest bathing, and Death Walking. Through it all, you will undertake a very sacred pilgrimage. As you commit to blazing this new trail, with me as your guide, you’ll discover more and more treasured secrets which will complete the puzzle to your true destiny!


My name is Alixandra Wildeheart.  I am a student and practitioner of the Shamanic Arts, specializing in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru, and the Celtic Druid Tradition of the English Isles. Because of my utter devotion to Mother Nature, I studied to become a Horticulturist, Master Naturalist, Master Gardener, and Forest Therapy Guide.  In honoring and celebrating the ancient Alewife’s of old, I am a passionate beer connoisseur and an international award-winning brewer. Now, when I’m not getting my hands dirty in the earth, I am also a trained Death Doula, and an ordained Animal Chaplain. In my celebration of the sacredness of both life and death, I am dedicated to connecting humanity to the sacredness of nature and to finding their unique and individualized inner wild wisdom.

I reside in the breathtakingly beautiful Land of Enchantment – Santa Fe, New Mexico, with my beloved and trusted sidekick, Mr. Grif.