Energetic Extractions and Clearings

As a result of having a frail or scattered force field, surrounding your physical or mental bodies, it is often possible for uninvited energetic intruders to trespass the boundaries of your astral field. Unfortunately, this can leave you feeling physically ill, mentally confused and/or emotionally off balance. When faced with this kind of energetic challenge, an extraction or clearing is necessary. Armed with a host of shamanic tools, Alix can skillfully remove all blocks impeding the natural flow of your spiritual life force, and restore you to a state of equilibrium, in body, mind and spirit.

Soul Retrieval

Life, especially in our 21st century world, has become synonymous with traumatic experiences. From the loss of personal loved ones, and beloved pets, to receiving a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, or being involved in a devastating accident, being bullied, or discriminated against because of your religious or political beliefs, there exists a non-stop bombardment of potentially trauma-inducing events going on in life. Whether subtle or shocking, trauma can create a fragmenting of your soul essence, with the sole purpose of assisting you in being able to survive the injury incurred. In my shamanic training I learned the importance of retrieving and reinstating those fractured pieces of the soul. My soul retrieval work, through the art of journeying and ritual, is meticulously crafted to offer you the highest possible level of healing, designed to restore your spiritual wholeness and soul integrity.

Entity Depossession

We are undoubtedly living in an era of shifting timelines and dimensional overlapping. So, what does this mean? It means that entities residing in other dimensions (beyond and below the third dimension) can wander into your life experience and intentionally attach themselves to our auric field, causing great chaos and confusion in your life. This attachment can create mental and physical mayhem, from implanting suicidal thoughts, to encouraging reckless, thoughtless, immoral behavior. These malevolent entities are determined to control, manipulate, and eventually disable their unwilling host.

In my shamanic practice, I use potent arts of disengagement to remove the entity from my client. However, removal is not enough as the entity can usually reattach if we do not understand the reason why the attachment initially occurred. Shamanic life coaching can be of great assistance to ensure reattachment does not happen.

Elemental House Clearings
and Blessings

Through my house clearings, I cleanse your home, office, and outbuildings of any imbalanced or interfering energies/entities in and around the specified location. Once the clearing is complete, there is a balanced correction of the energy patterns, which in turn will empower the benevolent and protective spirits of your location. A house clearing and blessing is best performed before moving into a new home. However, it is most beneficial if repeated annually, preferably in springtime, or at any time should the energy in the home feel sticky, heavy, or negative. In order to bless and raise the vibration of your home, I will call in the guides and ancestors, or the prevailing spirit of your home. Together, we will set a strong intention to disperse and remove any negative energies, as we welcome in new opportunities, new beginnings, and grand new potentials.

Personal Hucha Clearings

Hucha (hoo-cha) is a Peruvian word for heavy, dense, distorted, and degenerative energy. These are the byproducts of negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that stick to our personal energetic field (our Aura) like a fine, imperceptible dust. Yet, it interferes with our moods, energy levels, and all-around wellbeing. Over time the Hucha can accumulate and reach toxic levels that will cause an imbalance in our physical, mental, and spiritual health. A personal Hucha clearing helps to realign and rebalance your energy field by the removal of unwanted, stagnant thoughts and vibrations. As a result, you will experience a renewed sense of joy, health, happiness, positively and focus.

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is a sacred leisurely, yet observant walk with nature. During this sacred time in nature’s embrace, your Guide will share mindfulness practices, and invitations, designed to connect you more deeply to your inner landscapes, as well as the world around you. This soulful experience of healing and wellness-promoting effects of “shinrin-yoku” from Japan, is the practice of bathing the senses in the atmosphere of the forest. Forest bathing is an awakening of your senses, thoughtfully designed to assist you in reconnecting with the beauty and wisdom, ever-present in nature.

On a forest bathing walk, you will experience a series of guided, gentle invitations to open the senses, cultivate presence, and invite healing interactions between yourself and the natural world. As a memorable finishing touch, you will enjoy a closing ceremony with a delicious tea made from plants foraged from the forest.  Get ready to walk on the wild side

Shamanic Deathwalking ~Psychopomp:
Working with departed souls and the dying

Psychopomp is a Latin word meaning “conductor of souls”. Sometimes souls can get stuck in between our earthly world and the spirit world, proceeding their physical transition.

This can be due to a sudden, unexpected death, a traumatic accident, a suicide, an accidental overdose, or simply not being energetically prepared to transition..

As a result, these souls may stay close to familiar people and places, perhaps not even realizing they are no longer in a physical body. This is because they are so heavily attached to their home, land, or other personal relationships and objects.

This can cause a soul to be left in limbo. Not being able to move back into the physical reality, yet not being willing to move into the higher state of spiritual reality, the soul is more or less trapped between the worlds.

Psychopomp work uses the shamanic practice of journeying to different planes/realms of reality to find stuck or lost souls. Sacred ceremonies and healing prayers are then used to assist the departed souls in completing the transition process.  A unique healing is offered to the soul, and then, when they are completely willing and ready, they are lovingly guided through the crossing over process.

Sacred grief work and ceremony are also employed to comfort and heal the hearts of loved ones left behind.

Soul Friend Companion Services

Ordained Animal Chaplain

As an Animal Chaplain, I am here to provide support for both animals, and humans, by using spiritually based ritual, ceremony, and the tools of companionship. Providing a variety of services during the most joyous and challenging times, I offer help and support with: Pet loss grief support, memorial services, emotional assistance during surgery or euthanasia, funerals and bereavement, prayer, blessings, naming ceremonies and animal advocacy. Our animal companions are family, and I am here to honor that sacred bond and relationship.

Sacred Space Death Doula and Nature Based Grief Support

As a Sacred Space Death Doula, it is my mission to help create a sacred sanctuary – through ritual, Feng Shui, decluttering and Elemental space clearing – for those who are actively making their journey, from this world to the next. As I work with the spiritual elements, combined with ancient Feng Shui wisdom, I will craft a secure and serene space for you, or for your Beloved’s ‘sacred sendoff’. Transitioning in a peaceful, harmonious, and blessed environment gives a departing soul the loving permission to let go and commence the awaiting journey into spirit. Working with your specific needs and desires, we will create a unique space that nurtures and supports your soul. 

Nature-based grief support is a hands-on creative experience. It is truly a partnership with nature and spirit to heal and process our losses. In accordance with your personal desires, we can incorporate forest bathing, deep ritual, mindfulness, and wild wisdom.

Through this profoundly remarkable process you embark upon an adventure capable of ushering you through the seasons, with the elements, and into the circle of life with all her creatures.  Get ready for a pilgrimage deep within your soul. It is a journey to awaken you to nature’s healing gifts of love!